Carbon Cleaning

Carbon Cleaning at C.A.R.S.

C.A.R.S. are proud to announce that they have fully approved equipment to offer a 40-minute engine Carbon Cleaning 'while you wait' service for your car, van or motorbike. Using the latest Epoch machinery (Winner of the 2011 Energy Globe Award and Taiwan Excellence Award) from HHO Gas Technology, 600-litres of hydrogen gas is entered through your vehicles air intake that:

• Breaks down carbon deposits in the combustion chamber
• Cleans the top of pistons
• Cleans Spark plugs
• Cleans injector tips
• Cleans Inlet & outlet valves
• Cleans Diesel Particulate filter (DPF) and Catalytic Convertor

A chemical free and non-toxic cleaning method that gives:

• Better BHP and torque
• Increased MPG
• Quieter and smoother running engine
• Prolonged engine life
• Lower emissions

C.A.R.S. method of Carbon Cleaning is the ultimate engine carbon detox with zero dismantling of engine parts while you wait! C.A.R.S. are able to carry out this service for £40 (+VAT) if it's included with an interim or annual service – or £75 (+VAT) on its own. Call now to book your vehicle in for an appointment and experience the many benefits Carbon Cleaning has to offer!